copyright © 2005-2019 by Sharon Abreu

Katrina’s song was a wild aria,
Full of fury and rage.
More forceful that any drama diva
To blow onto the global stage.

She’s the worst hurricane we’ve ever seen,
And I don’t want to blame,
No, I don’t like that scene,
I don’t want to put my energy there,
But my God - Hear the cries of the Earth and air!

Katri—na! Blows her fitful warning,
Katri-na screams “The Earth is warming!”
Her flood waters rise, gushing tears in our eyes,
The winds of change carry your name –
Katri—na! Katri—na!
The troops we need now on our soil,
Are far off fighting a war for oil.
And the fuels we’re burning fueled the force
Of Katrina’s tempestuous turmoil.

The worst storm in our history
Rages on in you and me.
Some pick up the remains, in a world gone insane,
And we brace for the next hurricane.

Katri—na! …

She’s still churning in our minds,
Still tossing in our hearts,
She’s howling in our conscience,
And tearing our souls apart.

But how much do we REALLY care?
Enough to finally become aware?
Global warming is our affair,
And it’s a federal offense,
As more storms grow intense,
Not to act on the signs clearly there.

Katri—na! …
In my heart, there’s a hurricane,
Storms rage through my every vein.
Waters rise up to our eyes,
Say, “Wash away the disguise
Of those who seem to feel no pain.”

We are humbled by her power,
Drawn together in this hour.
What happens if we drop this ball,
Miss another wake up call?

Katri—na! …

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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